Liona Hotta 
Singer, author and composer, a voice development teacher. She grew up with the music Brazilian immigrants brought with them from their homeland. Her music is also highly influenced by Mediterranean rhythms, Arab nomads and the Jewish folklore originated in the East-Europe countries. The mixture of cultures and languages has been the main feature in her artistic career, drifting to an interesting musical cocktail in which her voice stands out clearly over all the elements which form her way of understanding and making music. Some multicultural projects can be found in Liona's discographic work. “ The Leon Project ” has to be remarked, with Paco and Jesús León from Málaga. It is a global music project edited by Sugo Music in E.E.U.U. -three albums “Málaga My Love” (2009) “Canvas Of Miracles” (2010) and “Temple Of Love” (2012). In this project Liona took part as main singer and coauthor. In her last work with “The Leon Project” she recorded and published songs in “Café del Mar” and “Café del Sol” (2014) albums. In 2012 she presented her own album El Bayit with Óscar Bergillos Sánchez and David León in " Revellín Theater " in Ceuta and later in the “ Festival de Música Sefardí ” in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Córdoba (2013). That was her first album as a leader and is a mixture of musics, rhythms and styles like Gnawa, Flamenco, Jazz, Folk, north African tendencies and even Hip Hop. Nowadays she is immersed in a new strings project with Óscar Bergillos Sánchez, Pilar López Hurtado and Juan Díaz Porras (playing guitar, violin and cello respectively) Their first album CHIMES   was  delicated to a mixture of world music with songs from numerous origins,like Sefardí, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish. In the beggining of 2017 Liona & Serena Strings Launches its new project - SEFARAD  which combines Sephardic music, Piyutim- old hebrew spiritual texts composed by the group and traditional Hebrew music.