Liona & Serena Strings

New Project and album


It is a compilation of music from different generations throughout Spanish Jewish history:

The "Piyutim" are spiritual and philosophical texts in Hebrew written throughout 2000 years of diaspora - since the second temple was demolished in Jerusalem and the Jews were expelled. These texts were written and used in prayers and to express their longing for Zion (the land of Israel).

The Sephardic Music, created by the Jews who lived in the Iberian peninsula called Sefarad before the Reconquista. The Sephardic language ( "Ladino" in Hebrew) is characterized by the mixture of ancient ​​Spanish, the languages of Ottoman and North-African Empires (where the Sephardic Jews fled to) and Hebrew. The Sephardic music has kept alive since then until today, passing from generation to generation orally.

This concert intertwines the musical essence of medival Spain (Castile, Aragon and Andalusia) with the rest of the world, through the paths created by the Hebrew nomads.